R J Cornish & Co Pty Ltd
Located at Cobram in northen Victoria our orchard produces peaches, pears, apples for processing by SPC in Shepparton as well as the fresh fruit market.

Our fruit is harvested by local labour who generally work with us from year to year as well as labour employed by contracting companies. We are not looking to employ any additional fruit pickers this year. If you are looking for a fruit picking job we are not able to assist you and can only suggest you contact other labour service providers.

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We're located in a good area for growing great fruit ... The R J Cornish & Co orchard is located near Cobram township on the Murray River in northern Victoria. We have good soils combined with a temperate climate and reliable water supply which suits the crops we produce. The main fruit harvest peiod (mid January to early April) in this part of Australia is usually fairly warm to hot with temperatures occasionally reaching 40° celsius.

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